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  • Every inscription must be completely filled. The payment and the student will not be admitted if something is missing.

·      Payments in check must be made to Dream Chaser Basketball LLC.

·      We are not responsible for damages or lost items such as cell phones, electronic devices, toys, or anything that the participant brings with them.

·  On The first official day of the academy, we will require payment confirmation and the balance must be $0.00. If that is not the situation, the participant will not be able to train.

  • Money is non-refundable – Deposits, enrollment fees, and/or monthly payments are non-refundable.
  • AUDIOVISUAL Authorization: by signing this slip, I hereby authorize Dream Chaser Basketball LLC, to use film sequences and/or photography for the duration of the academy. I understand that the image or the voice Will be used mainly for promotional purposes in any media (press, radio, tv, internet, etc.)

·      If any participant causes damages to private property, facilities, or equipment, he/she will be held responsible for compensation or replacement of the damaged property.

·      If the participant fails to follow conduct and discipline rules he/she will be suspended from the Academy without any opportunity for a refund.

·                The inscription on the Academy implies the acceptance of every condition mentioned earlier in this document.